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Backyard Quarantine Activity: Build a Socially Distant + Reclaimed Bike Park

As we all face uncertainties and effects of coronavirus COVID-19, there is one thing that is certain, we are all in this together, each altering our “normal” in some way.

Part of that adjustment for a lot of us is the quarantine and coming up with activities for our kids. So, we’ve decided to share one of things we’ve done: building a backyard bike ramp out of materials and items that we had around the house. We built this ramp using repurposed wood from an old painting project in about an hour with our kids. 

We set the ramp against the back fence that allowed for a nice runway, into a tight turn through the trees. Later we added a scrap sheet of ply against the fence for a quick little wall ride, and finished it out with a sweet launch ramp! Yewww! 

Be safe, smart, and let’s enjoy this slow down with our families and the outdoors. Our thoughts are with all of you. Keep rolling and creating!

Here are the materials we used:

– 3/4″ plywood (two 4’x8′ sheets)
– 1/2″ plywood (one 2’x4′ sheet)
– 2×4 (5)
– 2″ and 3″ wood decks screws

Here are a few tasks that our kids  were able to help with:

– Screw Mover
– Board Holder
– Pencil Finder
– 2×4 Dragger
– Screw Loser + Finder, Board Shaker, Ramp Teste

100% Reclaimed Bike Ramp