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Great Ideas Deserve Great Visuals.

Using 3D scale modeling and photo-realistic rendering softwares, we clearly communicate your vision and prepare your project for compelling presentation and development. Our goal is to ensure design intent is clearly communicated between project teams, architects, engineers and contractors. With decades of skatepark and action sports design experience, we help our clients conceptualize, plan and design leading edge environments and experiences.


Action Sports Design

• Indoor/Outdoor Skatepark Design
• Surf Parks
• Pump Tracks
• Motor Sports
• Parkour
• Pro & Amateur Competition Courses
• Made for TV events
• Training Facilities
• Franchise Design


Event Layout & Branding

Site planning • Scaffolding structures
• Stage and live sound • Camera POV layout • Sponsor take-overs • Rental equipment take-offs • Branded environments • Course design • Athlete zones • Vendor villages • VIP tents


Commercial Facility Design

Site analysis • Programming • Master planning • 3D Live Design sessions with all team members and stakeholders • Schematic Diagrams • 3D modeling • Identifying scale and systems of the project • Prepare project for design development


3D Renderings and
Immersive Experiences

Photo-realistic renderings • Site specific geolocation • 3D modeling • Custom environments (mountain, beach, stadium, parking lot, etc.) • Lighting • Texturing • Landscaping • 3D characters • Animated fly-throughs • VR model for website, headset and social sharing

A Seamless Design Process.

Whether you are just beginning and need a “looks-like” concept for fundraising or are ready with existing site CAD plans, our design process allows team members and stakeholders to work through creative ideas and determine solutions together.


Once the design has been dialed in, communication of dimensions, section cuts, materials and quantities are communicated in a color-coded package for architects, inspectors, engineers and contractors.


3D renderings is where the lighting, reflections, textures and realistic environments are added. 3D renderings clearly communicate your vision to raise funds, build excitement and keep your vision in check right through the construction. Bring your vision to life for your viewers with a 3D fly-through of your space with movement and characters, or immerse your viewers on a self-guided 3D virtual experience.

Leverage the Power of 3D.

Use our drawing sets are to enhance business plans and bid packages, raise capital and facilitate internal design communication. 

Greenport Skatepark Conceptual Design

5th KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground Location: Glendale, Arizona

3D Fly-Through Animation, 3D Renderings, Action Sports Facilities, Branding, Commercial Skatepark Design

Riyadh BLVD Skatepark

3D Renderings, Public Skatepark Design

Mesh Productions_WSL VIP Athlete Lounge

3D Renderings, Branding, Events, Surf / Wavepools

The Turf Renderings for Grindline Skatepark

3D Renderings, Fundraising

BSR Surf Resort

3D Renderings, Action Sports Facilities, Commercial Skatepark Design, Fundraising, Surf / Wavepools, Wellness and Recovery Facilities

Flounder & Friends Skatepark, Valparaiso Indiana

3D Fly-Through Animation, 3D Renderings, Branding, Fundraising, Public Skatepark Design

KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground Location #4 – Salt Lake City

3D Fly-Through Animation, 3D Renderings, Action Sports Facilities, Branding, Commercial Skatepark Design

Nitro World Games 2020

3D Fly-Through Animation, 3D Renderings, Branding, Events, Stage + Screen


Let's Get Drawing!

usa skateboarding x dugout design studio graphic

DugOut Design Studio Announces Partnership with USA Skateboarding

3D Animation, Conceptual Design, Design and 3D Visualization

DugOut Design Studio is proud to announce partnership with USA Skateboarding. DugOut will provide conceptual design services to assist with visualizin...

Greenport Skatepark Design Concept

3D Animation, Conceptual Design, Design and 3D Visualization, Public Skatepark Design

“Dug, this is so fantastic!!! Better than I could have even imagined!! The mini-railroad in the background is brilliant!! Honestly, this park lo...

AI Generated Image- bowl

Integrating AI into our 3D Visualization Workflow.

Conceptual Design, Design and 3D Visualization, Technology

“You can use AI for that.” Artificial Intelligence, say no more, the name alone is freaky. Even if you don’t know it’s there, ...