10 Things we love about the KTR Franchise design

KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground has just opened its third location in Scottsdale, Arizona. After months upon months of computer design, test fits, product development, production oversight, multiple site visits and guidance from KTR Franchise’s founder and visionary, Geoff Eaton, DugOut Design Studio, still had one last ultimate test to judge the new KTR Scottsdale design by. The test: take our kids, ages 1 and 4, to experience it as a family. After all, that is who KTR is made for! Read on for photos from the ribbon cutting and our feedback as both the designer and a family experiencing KTR. PDX—>PHX here we go.

10 Things we love about the KTR design

1. Open Floor Plan

  • No walls. Age and sport specific sections are accomplished via wide walkways, rather than walls and doors, allowing for open viewing.
  • Painted sky ceiling brings in a bright open feeling of the outdoors

2. Clear Unobstructed Walkways

  • Easy to get from one section to the next
  • Areas are clearly defined
  • Walkways are padded for safety as kids run from place to place
  • No crowding on the decks and walkways, despite how busy the place was

3. Completely Padded

  • Finally a safe place for the little ones to run around
  • All floors and walls are padded
  • Mom gets to relax in a place like this

4. Area designed for smaller users in mind

  • The Little Kids area is great because the younger participants have their own version of the big kid stuff in the facility.  
  • Run, roll, balance, slide, tumble, jump and move your body in as many ways as you can on wide open bouncy squishy floor.
  • Low falls onto padded surfaces are super fun for the kids
  • Entry size tramp for the little ones
  • Fun to explore all the areas

5. Plenty of storage for belongings 

  • The locker system was easy to use and nice not to have to worry about or worse, cart-around, your valuables while you played. 
  • Cubby and locker storage conveniently located near front entrance, bathrooms, water fountains and cafe. Meaning, your entry, breaks and exit are easy and efficient.

6. Great viewing areas throughout

  • Nice to post up in the Cafe to grab a snack and view the kids
  • The view from the 2nd level suites is quiet and awesome
  • Seating located throughout the facility so you can watch all zones

7. Modular Padding Systems

  • We have created a padding system that is capable to adapting to various building layouts.
  • Pads designed with removable vinyl sleeves for maintenance and replacement

8. Indoor concrete skatepark custom built and shipped on sit

  • DugOut created a 3D indoor concrete plaza kit, complete with pre-made form walls and eps foam base blocks
  • Reduced time on install
  • Although our kids didn’t have a chance to cruise around, we’ve received great feedback on the skatepark

9. Designed by families for families

  • The KTR company is made up of all families with children from toddler to teen
  • DugOut is a family owned and run company with its history in skateboarding, making KTR and its indoor skatepark a perfect fit

10. Use of textures, materials and patterns

  • We were a little concerned about too many patterns, but after visiting, the various use of textures and custom vinyl prints makes KTR visually interesting for kids, and gives a bright and clean feeling.
  • Urban wall panels and textures added to the edgy aesthetic; huge trees throughout and custom grass prints compliment the sky ceiling to bring the outdoors in
  • Hardwoods and metals used in cafe and viewing areas speak quality and durability


Both of our kids loved it. They wasted no time jumping into the various features and did not want to leave. Our 4 year old liked the trampolines best and our 23 month old, liked the balance beams and geometric shaped pads. Mom was relaxed with all the safety features, staff monitoring and age specific sections, as well as, the conveniently located facilities and amenities. Bottom line, your kids will not want to leave and it’s a place they can gradually test and learn all sorts of physical abilities safely and freely. As for the design and final product, everyone is excited with the outcome! With that being said, we are always improving and innovating. Look out for the next one!