Absolutely not.  We do all the modeling in real-time while you talk us through your vision. We can move, scale, tweak, delete or save ideas for later while giving you a confident idea of what is realistically possible in your space.

From concept to production, we can help you communicate your design intent clearly to those involved in the next phase of your project. Many of our clients come to us with an empty page and an idea, while others need on-site logistics or communications for their team.  

We contract directly with manufacturers and builders so you don’t have to. Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials provides us the toolset to  quickly deliver professional quality prototypes, samples and full production runs to your location.  

Some of our clients have preferred builders they like to work with. In these cases, we are happy to produce detailed drawing sets so you acquire your own estimates. 

3D  |   SketchUp is our primary 3D software, but we can convert file formats to most common 3D software


Video Files  |  MP4, .MOV, .aep, .avi, and Quicktime

We typically draw up sets of technical drawings in coordination with architects and engineers to acquire necessary stamps and permits for your project. We will draft the construction details and provide the engineering groups the files and documents needed to run their calculations. Together, we can provide you with a set of stamped drawings for your permitting needs. 

Prices will vary depending on the scene size, complexity, and required level of detail.  Contact us today for a quote.

Many smaller scenes can be created in a couple hours while larger scenes with intricate detail may take several weeks to complete. The required level of detail, animated components and final level of rendering quality will all affect the amount time it takes to model a scene. 

We can work with a wide variety of files and file types, including CAD,PDF, Sketches, 3D models, napkin sketches and even as little as a phone call. Most clients provide some sort of concept sketch or layout and either site-pulled dimensions or an as-built set of drawings.