AR_miniramp placement

(AR) Augmented Reality for Skatepark Design

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This week we’ve been testing out new AR (Augmented Reality) software in regards to conceptual skatepark design. In short, AR allows us to view a 3D model onto any flat surface of choice via an i-phone or i-pad, and view it from all angles in a realistic, intended environment. By scaling the model close to size, AR is going to help clients preview and share their design intent to accelerate projects. Alongside our 3D modeling, 2D/3D dimensioned drawings, realistic 3D renderings and animated fly-throughs, we’re excited to add this to the DugOut package.  

Uses for AR

  • View your project in full scale on site
  • Showcase you project to clients or potential partners
  • Mock up on-site branding to see the look/feel from specific viewpoints
  • Add your 3D logo to any scene for integrated branding opportunities
  • Check to see how a miniramp will look in your backyard
  • View Project remodels onsite before you start knocking out walls

…and we are just getting started! I can’t wait to see some of the things we come up with together. 

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