Greenport Skatepark Design Concept

“Dug, this is so fantastic!!! Better than I could have even imagined!! The mini-railroad in the background is brilliant!! Honestly, this park lo...

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AI Generated Image- bowl

Integrating AI into our 3D Visualization Workflow.

“You can use AI for that.” Artificial Intelligence, say no more, the name alone is freaky. Even if you don’t know it’s there, ...

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What’s In a Rendering?: 5 Ways You’ll See Your ROI

What exactly is a rendering, how can you use it and will it be worth it? We're glad you asked. Read on to find out why a rendering is a game changer f...

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Indoor Play Center Rendering

AirTrack USA Sports Facility Conceptual Renderings

Airtrak USA in S. California uses DugOut to create 3D branded environments to show clientele what their facility will look like when it’s finished. ...

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Red Bull VIP Lounge

WSL Finals Athlete Lounge Conceptual Renderings

DugOut Design Studio has helped another happy customer achieve their goals! Dave and Stephanie with Mesh Productions needed our help to create a prese...

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Proper LED Panel

3D Product Animation

Proper LED is a new Portland based audio/visual company that is in the process of building their website and needed to generate informative content fo...

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