Design and 3D Visualization Services

3D Modeling

Explore what's possible
3D modeling, the core of what we do.

Utilizing the efficiency of 3D models during the concepting and planning stages has proven instrumental at creating realistic solutions for a wide range of event producers, marketing departments, business owners, home owners and anyone else that needs to figure out how to build their next vision. We are able to create anything inside your imagination, trying out endless variations to find the perfect design solution that fits accurately within your given space. Scale 3D models can help you find flaws early in the design process, long before costly real-world problems arise.

When you create a high-level concept on a scratch piece of paper, you are able to get your ideas out with few limitations. Generally, you are drawing out of scale and cannot be sure if the drawing is even doable. By working with scale 3D parts and components within a scale 3D environment, you can design with confidence to be sure that your ideas will actually work when you get to the job site.  We can create precise models based off technical drawings, photographs or even rough sketches with some basic dimensions.

When working with marketing teams, we create realistic views of what things are going to look like from key vantage points within your scene. This service has been utilized by marketing departments to brand environments for sponsorship sales and graphic activation. For example, see what that 8ft x 4ft banner will look like on site, where to locate branding for best spectator viewing and camera angles, and where to put your projector screens… or anything else that may pertain to your project. At the end of our session, we can quickly generate take-offs for estimating and logistical schedules to help you activate your project. 

Once we have a custom 3D model built out for your project , we can quickly make changes to the design or try new concepts out in the space as ideas surface during the design process. Often times we throw out crazy concepts early on because they seem impossible, even though they may spark a million dollar idea down the road. Because we are working in a digital 3D environment, we can exhaust all ideas and hide them on layers for later recall. This will save you time and money from making these mistakes on site using real labor and materials.  

By working with you via screen sharing communications, we can design together in the 3D environment, making modifications and design changes as you watch from your computer, laptop or favorite mobile device.

Designing in 3D helps you identify material specifications, connection points, possible construction hurdles and other potential hidden obstacles along the way. This works well for engineering products, furniture, interiors and analyzing their spatial requirements for installation and maintenance. 

3D Renderings

the Look and Feel
Rendering, it's all in the details

With the fast-paced world of digital media constantly battling for your attention, it has become critical to be able to present maximum engaging visuals to pull your audience into your vision. Renderings can come in all levels of detail, from simple black line-work to photo-realistic environments that pulls everyone in to your world. Integrating logos and branding to an environment highlights the personalization of your presentation, albeit a sponsors or your own person brand.  

Whether you are trying to pitch your ideas to investors or you want to spice up your presentation with visually compelling and accurate drawings, we can help produce imagery that sells. Integrate exciting renderings in your pre-promotion efforts as well as within media during and after the events for engaging visual content. 

When you are trying to plan out branding for an event or permanent location, it is important to be able to visualize what the overall look and feel will be as it is drawn in scale. For example, a 48in x 96in banner may sound pretty large, but once you place the sign in a large arena or event space, the sign all but disappears. Knowing what you have to sell and exactly what it will look like for the actual event go hand in hand. 

Sometimes you discover your first draft needs a tweak or two after your first round of meetings or presentations. For example, many of our clients create a branded environment to pitch their idea to sponsors. If their first pitch is unsuccessful, then they move on to another potential brand to pitch. Since we already have the whole scene rendered and set, all we need to do is switch out some of the logos on the model, replace some colors, update the scene, then re-render within a short period of time. 

Creating realistic POV (point of view) drawings puts you in the model and provides a clear representation of what it is going to look like when you are on site. This tool gives the production manager/event planner the exact visual backup needed to communicate to their staff or send out for bids from outside vendors, such as lighting, production and other logistics teams. Clients also use this method to analyze stadium seating locations and value seat ticket prices. 

As soon as we have your idea in a 3D model format, we can then start to really dive into the look and feel of the space using textures, lighting and environment to create the optimal setting(s) for your project. We can integrate photos onto the surfaces of the models, add realistic textures and reflections, add accurate lighting conditions, insert clean branding and logo placement as well as convey other important information into your scene.


Reel in your audience
The ultimate way to breathe life into your visions.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animation is worth a million.  Capture your audience’s attention by telling your story in an engaging and sharable way. Offer overviews and specific POV shots that clearly communicate the project you’re are working on. All of your vendors can use these animations as a visual reference to keep everyone on track with a clear vision of the project.  

Adding characters to a scene gives the viewer a greater sense of scale and brings the scene to life. We can provide realistic looking characters or silhouettes depending on the scene requirements. 

Many projects have too many details to share in just still images. Instead of having your audience flip through a 50-page pdf showing a multitude of angles, an animated fly-through gives you a surreal experience that captures the entirety of the project in a short, sharable video clip. Teams use these renderings during the sales phase all the way throughout construction and installation to ensure everyone is working towards a shared vision. 

To add another level of communication, we offer custom labels, titles and audio to help enhance the experience and further pull your audience through your vision.

Using scene lighting and other effects, we can create daytime/nighttime scenes, indoor/outdoor shots, construction phasing and multiple design concepts side by side. Animations are the ultimate sharable tool.