How Top Event Producers are Leveraging the Power of 3D

DugOut Design Studio created the above animation from scratch to give you an idea of how our 3D visualization services can take you from concept, planning, branding and marketing to Go Time! We provide individuals and teams with real-time LIVEDesign sessions throughout many of these stages to allow for efficient collaboration and fun VISUAL BRAINSTORMING!

Over decades of designing with some of the world’s top action sports event organizers and producers, from Red Bull to Nitro World Games, we know there is nothing that can clearly communicate, immerse, SAVE TIME and ultimately sell a vision better than engaging visuals.

“Working with DugOut Design Studio has been an invaluable tool for planning and promoting many events that I have worked on over the years. We use these visuals for everything in the initial stages of planning, designing and announcing the event. We also use the animated renderings to pitch host cities and partners and to give the industry and athletes a first look at the course. DugOut Design Studio offers a quick and affordable way to create renderings that you can use to sell your event to everyone involved, including spectacular content that can be used to market your event. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the animations that DugOut creates are worth a million!”    ~ Dave Mateus, Nitro Circus Live      

Shown above. Event map created for Nitro Circus World Games can be seen displayed on their website. We always love to see the new ways in which our clients utilize our 2D/3D drawings.


Whether you are creating a branding layout and need to figure out how many signs fit perfectly in your space or if you are trying to determine how many 10×10 tents fit on your lot, we help you work through logical steps to eliminate wasted time and money purchasing too many (or too few) items for your project.

Once we have your site in 3D, we can quickly create all types of visual data that can be used to communicate traffic flow, emergency access, loading and unloading zones, security locations, back-of-house logistics as well as specific drawings to help individual vendors create bids. We help our clients streamline  the communication process and provide tangibles that keep your team working off the latest and greatest.

Chances are, when you are organizing an event, you will need to outsource equipment rentals, tv/video companies, tent rentals or other specialty services for activation. To make sure you are comparing apples to apples during bid review, you will need to send out a consistent set of drawings that detail exactly the qty and layout of the services required. Showing the specifics in 3D reduces each vendors need to decode a set of intricate details. 

Many of our clients have us create sets of drawings and screenshots from each of their online design sessions so they can distribute the updated information immediately. Using this system greatly reduces the chance of miscommunication or opportunity for members of the team to work off old versions of the project. 

Typically, once the site is laid out and the clients have had a chance to run a feasibility study on the project, they are in the mode of selling the concept to brand partners and host venues. We then work directly with the client’s marketing teams to add scale branding to the scene in order to see what the event will look like to the cameras, to the audience and for the VIP areas. Because the signage sizes are dimensionally accurate, the team can see exactly what they are going to get when the event goes live.  

Many events acquire a title sponsor or other major contributors to cover the hard costs of the event production. In order to get these potentially high-dollar investors on board, we create a brand take-over of the venue. We are able to quickly make the entire scene amplify the branding in order to show the potential partners what the event will look like if they come on board. We are able to create realistic renderings and fly-through animations to showcase the entire project in an easy-to-share digital file. A small investment upfront can quickly win you a multi-million dollar contract. 

Leading up to your event, chances are you do not have photos to promote because it hasn’t happened yet. Sure, you can use old photos from last years event, but that is old news. Having either 3D animations or renderings to pre-promote your event will not only give your social media team a ton of impactful content to work with, but also provide quality content for your webpage, onsite media, and many other print and digital marketing initiatives.   

We can generate broadcast ready digital files content to include in your digital presentations or content for live tv/web broadcasts. 3D fly-throughs showcase the entire event scene and produce graphics to help engage your audience, including the most exciting aspects of your project. 

When you are submitting your event plans to the city for permitting, you will most likely be required to provide site maps and other supporting documents and details for their review. By having a 3D model complete and drawn to scale, you can quickly generate many 2D drawing sets as needed. Having clear sets of drawings always helps this process along and will show the permitting office that you have laid the project out using CAD software. 

Site maps are not only crucial for the permitting process, but can also be utilized for way-finding signage at your event. Print out large format signs that clearly identify your specific zones on the map. This will help your audience orient themselves on site. 

Prior to selling tickets to your event, it will be time to start adding value to seating throughout your venue so you can offer discounted seating as well as VIP areas based on the quality of the view. When working in 3D, you can explore the entire scene from any vantage point, providing accurate information (before you sell VIP seats to patrons with a blocked view).


  • Increased Confidence: Exude confidence at presentations with powerful, scale visuals
  • Efficiency: Collaborate and design in real-time with your team to work through problems quickly
  • Clear Communication: Drawings put everyone on the same page for fewer emails, calls and errors. 
  • Immersion: Show your audience the experience you’re promising from all angles.
  • Content: 3D visuals make for great assets for marketing and sales.
  • Conversion: 3D scale models convert to 2D logistical drawings used for site planning and permitting
  • ROI: Engaging Visuals=More Sales