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Nitro World Games 2020

Nitro Circus Live / Thrill One Sports and Entertainment

Date: Spring 2019 – Spring 2020


Project Overview:

This is one of those projects that has taken off in many different directions. In the earliest stages of the project we were able to help the event planners accurately layout multiple versions of the event within a scale 3D stadium environment, work with the marketing department to create branded scenes for sponsorship sales, provide POV reference shots from around the stadium to help the ticketing agency to value their tickets, produce animated fly-throughs for web promotion and generate realistic views to help production crews  coordinate their efforts.  


  • Stadium/Venue 3D modeling
  • Ramp/Equipment Venue Layout
  • Hi Res Rendering/Lighting/Texturing
  • Animated fly-throughs
  • POV shots for ticket valuation
  • 3D Model Branding
  • Live Design Sessions with the production and marketing teams 



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