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Bryce Menzies New Frontier World Record Jump

Client: States & Kingdom

Location: Undisclosed Ghost Town

Date: March 2016


Project Overview:

Eric with States & Kingdom asked us if we could 3D model an existing Ghost Town to help them mock up a new world record jump for their newest team driver Bryce Menzies. The jump was planned to clear the entire ghost town, and they wanted to be able to view the ramps as designed in the 3D space. To create the 3D model, we used drone footage captured by their team as well as CAD terrain maps, site photos and satellite imagery for reference.


• Live Design
• 3D model of ghost town
• Terrain Mapping
• Geolocation
• Camera POV Locations
• Animations

Design Challenges:

One of the most difficult challenges we faced was determining the vertical height of many of the buildings considering we only had aerial view imagery and photos for reference. The crew wanted to make sure the jump alignment was how they were planning it and would work with the existing buildings. The sheer volume of detailed buildings created some tedious work, but resulted in a clean set of visuals the team used for pre-planning and production purposes.

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