KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground Location #4 – Salt Lake City

KTR Glendale 3D Rendering

We are proud to have designed the 4th KTR Indoor Action Sports Facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have continued to work with each franchisee to design and develop their facilities in coordination with the KTR Franchise. Welcome to the family!

Plan view layout of KTR Midvale, UT
KTR Scottsdale
KTR Mesa
KTR Chandler Arizona

Conceptual Design

Since 2012, DugOut has been working directly with the Geoff Eaton and the KTR Franchise to develop next level indoor action sports facilities for all levels of action sports progression. SLC is our 4th facility designed from the ground up to meet the expectations of the franchise guidelines.

Product Design

DugOut has over a decade of experience designing directly with industry leading manufacturers and vendors to develop the highest quality equipment that meet and exceed the KTR franchise design requirements. We develop production drawings for each of the equipment systems throughout the facility.


For this franchise location, we developed a set of fully stamped drawings for the skatepark scope, as well as engineered all of the equipment to fit within the facility requirements. We then coordinated these design requirements between vendors and their production teams to ensure all the equipment would work together.

3D Renderings and Animation

Communication of design intent is crucial throughout the entire design development and construction phases to ensure all stakeholders and vendors are aligned with the vision. DugOut creates iterative renderings during each phase of design development that are shared with key personnel to full grasp the overall look and feel of the project.

Construction Documents

DugOut created coordinated sets of specifications that were used to help source and bid architects, manufacturers, vendors and were used extensively to drive the design process forward quickly and efficiently. We created plan view dimensioned drawings for the architects, equipment details and specifications, as well as fixtures and finishes.

Equipment Sourcing

By working directly with franchise preferred manufacturers, we were able to develop cutting edge equipment that allowed for cost effective solutions that continue to innovate and push the boundaries of the world's leading action sports equipment producers.

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