Drone scanning for site analysis


Design Challenge: The Nitro Circus team was looking to find a suitable venue downtown Las Vegas for a new permanent show concept. They asked me if I could create an accurate 3D model based off a handful of sketchy CAD PDFs that lacked any dimensions or consistency.  After trial and error, we then decided to explore the options of hiring out a drone scanning expert , True Point Laser Scanning, to model interior of the building so we had a detailed 3D model to work from. 

Client: Nitro Circus, Dave Mateus

Project: Whiskey Throttle Theater


  • Creation of a scale 3D model of the existing Bally’s Theater in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Analyze the site to create a test-fit scenario to make sure the ramps, equipment and spacing will fit on the stage and in multiple configurations.
  • Develop Hi Res renderings of multiple concepts showing the potential scene treatments and layouts.
  • Design and development of branded environments for selling to potential sponsors
  • Adding 3D characters and custom lighting packages to the scene to breathe life and action into the visuals


You can catch the latest updates on the project here.