Greenport Skatepark Conceptual Design

GreenPort Skatepark Concept Design and Animated Fly-through

Greenport Skatepark Inc. contacted us to help them re-imagine their outdated skatepark in order to help them with fundraising efforts which will help bring the community of Greenport NY a much needed upgrade. As with most projects, the design was to be broken up into three phases which will help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible. We created a design solution that would meet the immediate needs of the community while preserving the most coveted parts of the park for later phases. The Park was designed with bikes, scooters, skaters and skateboarders at the forefront.

Skatepark Design

The existing Greenport Skatepark, opened in 1998, has served the community well over the years. 9,000SF of the original park has been nearly unusable due to deteriorating conditions. Step 1 was to redesign this unusable area to create a bike park area to replace the existing ramps as well as a street plaza area to tie the old and new areas together.

3D Renderings and Animation

Each of the 3 phases were rendered up for the Greenport Skatepark team to help kick-start their fundraising efforts in the shortest time possible. The 3D renderings and animated fly-throughs were shared on social media for immediate local rider feedback.

Phased Design Sequence

We created a 3-Phase design solution, addressing the immediate needs of the community, followed by improvements to popular existing features, and a final vision displaying a master plan wishlist, including a full park makeover with additional covered spaces for events and rainy days.

"Dug, this is so fantastic!!! Better than I could have even imagined!! The mini-railroad in the background is brilliant!! Honestly, this park looks killer and people are going to lose their minds. Absolutely insane & I just love it so much!!! I can't wait to show the mayor."
Rena Wilhelm
President, Greenport Skatepark Inc