Branding, Public Skatepark Design, Stage + Screen

Zappos Double Set Contest

Client: The Boardr event

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Date: April, 2016

Co-design: Ryan Clements/Rob Meronek     

Photo Credit: Chaz Miley


Project Overview:

The Boardr crew hit us up to help them create a set of visuals to sell Zappos on the idea of hosting a double-set street skateboard contest on the front stairs of their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. Using Geolocation imagery along with site photos and a few onsite dimensions, we were able to help them lay the event out in the space, detail ramp design concepts, and lay out a tent-city inside the premises. 

We also worked through the design of their scaffolding system, DJ and stage set-ups as well as fencing and announcer locations. After laying out the event, we created a set of renderings that they used to successfully negotiate an event at their location.  


  • 3D Live Design Sessions
  • 3D model and asset creation
  • Geolocation
  • Site Logistics
  • Branding and Graphics
  • Hi-Res Renderings
  • Engineering Layout and Dimensioned Drawings

Design Challenges:

We had to design the entire facility using Geo-locating techniques in combination with site photos to model out a scale environment. 


They won the project and threw down a successful event! 


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