Residential Skatepark Design

Residential Remodel Visualization


Location: Tigard, OR

Date: Spring 2018

Project Overview:

The homeowner had decided to add on to their existing home by finishing out a large portion of unfinished space on the bottom level. Half of the project was going to be a garden center and the other half was going to be converted into a man-cave. We helped the client design his ideal space in 3D by modeling his current furniture and equipment and adding in some potential future furniture to see how everything would layout in the space.


• 3D Modeling of proposed space
• Live Design
• Dimensions for construction and bidding
• POV renderings


We were able to work with the clients in real-time 3D to give them the ability to make changes and adjustments to the design on the fly. Within an hour, we were able to lay out his space and create a light set of dimension drawings and 3D views that they then used to get bids from local contractors. The Contractors used these initial drawings to create bids from, keeping an even playing field and ensuring the customer was going to get what they envisioned. 

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Residential Skatepark Design

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Residential Skatepark Design