Think it. See it. Keep it or Nix it…

Work with our 3D designer in real-time, and become a part of the guided, interactive design process, we call LIVEDesign. Watch as you or your team’s ideas come to life in real-time.

LIVEDesign can easily become a part of your team’s workflow to visualize event layouts and logistics, on-site branding, stage productions, interior spaces, facilities and products. 

As a result of our design sessions we can create site plans, construction drawings, photo-realistic renderings, animations, VR environments, take-offs and estimates.

Facilitate Creative Collaboration

At DugOut Design Studio we want everyone to be immersed in the design experience, because we believe creativity is amplified in a group dynamic and everyone has good ideas waiting to get out.

Facilitate Open Communication

Invite your production team, partners, marketing team, sponsors and creatives to simultaneously be in the meeting.

Eliminate Problems Early

Working in a scale model during the conceptualization phase allows for spacial problems to be identified before getting to deep in ideation. There’s no point in continuing down a wrong path if your idea doesn’t fit in a given space.

Save Time and Money

Eliminate the exchange of multiple emails and conceptual versions. It takes seconds to get a LIVE meeting up and going. With your team communicating together, huge time and money is saved.


Giving you the opportunity to ask questions as you think of them, allows us to give design guidance and creative direction.

A 3D Virtual Experience

Watch as your vision appears right before your eyes. Previewing your vision from any angle- up close and far away- gives you the full picture before decisions are made.

It's Fast

We combine our tools for rapid visualization and design direction with your vision. The result is your ideas realized to scale in a few hours or less. In real-time, there’s no need to wait for the second version to come back. Think it, see it, keep or nix it…instantly.

It's Convenient

Via video conference, individuals and teams can be sent a meeting and be a part of the design process no matter where they are in the world.

Walk away with deliverables

By the end of our design session, screen shots with specific dimensions and call-outs for your upcoming meetings are sent.